How would you rate your organizations adoption of NFV?

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Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is an evolving network approach that enables the replacement of expensive dedicated hardware devices such as routers, firewalls and load balancers with software-based network appliances that run as virtual machines on industry-standard servers.

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What does NFV mean to you, in your roles as Network Engineers and Operations? What are you most looking forward to the adoption of NFV? Here are a few additional questions to kickstart the conversation, but we invite you to share what NFV means to you - your views, experiences, outlook, and even, questions on the approach. 


  • How would you rate your organizations adoption of NFV?
  • What do you see, or have you seen, as the business benefits of NFV? 
  • What is your preferred way to learn more about NFV (i.e. online courses, webinars, articles, ask the expert sessions, etc.)?