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Will this system power up only on DC "A" power connections to a 7 slot shelf & (2) 14 slot shelf or both feeds (A & B) must be connected in order to work?

Question asked by hellboy on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by vferrer

In a couple of weeks I'll be turning up an OME 6500. I am curious if this 6500 will

power up on a DC "A" feed only and if not why? "A" feed only will be temporary in order to allow access into system for

provisioning. Reason is due to the lack of room and several obstacles to overcome. I  am uncertain that all connections can be made in a single night MOP window. Configuration set for both  "A & B" feed connections to 7 slot shelf & (2) 14 slot transponder shelf.

Thanks in advance for any input.