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Looking at extending our footprint form Houston to Dallas

Question asked by etherman on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by etherman

Metro carrier in Houston with 6500's in our core... We are looking to extend into Dallas and are thinking the Waveserver would be a great option as most of the things we will be doing is ten gig links for cloud access and private peering.  Question is can the WAN side of the Waveserver be transported over a leased ONT4 wave without additional gear.  If not what are my options since a leased ONT4 seems to be the best thing for us at this point.  I know I can come off the 6500's with an ONT4 and hand it off and pick it back up in Dallas with another 6500 but really like the Waveserver with is higher capacity and smaller footprint.  


Thanks ahead of time....