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What is the required Brocade ISL (E-port) settings to Ciena 6500 using  Card 4X10G OTR 4xXFP/4xSFP+   PEC: NTK530QA ?

Question asked by dtocci on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by hausmus

What Brocade ISL port configuration settings are required to properly interoperate with a

Ciena 6500 with module  Card 4X10G OTR 4xXFP/4xSFP+     PEC: NTK530QA ?


Brocade switch is 16Gb DCX at FOS v7.4.1b.

ISL port is 8Gb to Ciena 6500 using standard Brocade shortwave SFP.


Brocade Compatibility Guide for FOS v7.x states Ciena has passed responsibility for providing the

required port configuration setting for the Brocade to properly interact with the 6500.


I have searched the "maze" of technical documents on Ciena library but can't find

the config guide for 6500.   (There are guides for the 4200.)


Any help is appreciated.  Especially providing Ciena documentation.