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What is the Ciena command equivalent to the Cisco command "show IDPROM"?

Question asked by mjhartmann on Sep 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by mjhartmann

The alternative readout method for the Optical Zonu Corp. (OZC)  Micro-OTDR SFP transceiver is via the Vendor Name field of Page A0h of the SFP EEPROM.  The command must refresh and readout the Vendor Name field, on demand, from the SFP every time, to support this alternative readout method.  For example, the CSCO ME3400 does this with the command "show IDPROM".  After 30 seconds, the Vendor Name changes over to the alternative Micro-OTDR readout.  ("OpticalZonu,Corp" => "OZC______01_25000", as an example.)  Thanks.  MH