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Dynamic MPLS on SAOS 8.4

Question asked by on Sep 28, 2017
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Hi there!


I am quite new to the Ciena community. But the forum might help to clarify some questions about Ciena's MPLS implementation. So I will start my first action with a discussion on that forum.


We are planning to connect Ciena's Packet Networking Series (e.g. cn8700 ) to our Core backbone using MPLS. Therefore I try to find out the feature set of Ciena's MPLS implementation while reading all Ciena MPLS documentations I could get. The reading is quite difficult since every vendor uses their own vocabulary or meaning of certain technical terms. But I am making progress in translating resp. interpreting.

  1.  First simple question
    Is the following statement true? "Ciena grouped all mpls-tp features under the CLI Command "gmpls" and all MPLS and mpls-te feature under "mpls" command."
  2. Second question whose answer I could not find in the documentation
    The MPLS label range of dynamic labels can be set up on Ciena Switches. The maximum Number is 1,044,479  which is almost the theoretical maximum of 1,048,575 labels. But how many labels learned via ldp can be stored in the "Label-Forwarding Information Base" of a Ciena Switch? I just found the information about MPLS resource allocation of 32k MPLS virtual circuits. Does that mean the same?
  3. Third not that easy question
    It seems that Ciena cannot create a pseudowire with dynamic created LSPs without rsvp? In a very simple MPLS setup I am using OSPF for IGP routing protocol and LDP for the label distribution. There is no need for RSVP to create MPLS pseudowires on that simple setup. Do you agree on that? Is there a way on Ciena switche of disabling RSVP but still using dynamic MPLS?


I am sure that this topic will always start a discussion because of different understanding of technical terms. But that a forum is good for I think!


BR, Rüdiger