CES Getting Started Tips - Welcome and Happy Fishing

Discussion created by aclarke Employee on Oct 19, 2017

I see several questions out here that stem from being new to the CES portfolio.  Here are a few little things that I always share with noobs so that they can learn 'how to fish'.


If you have an idea of what cli command you're looking for but don't exactly remember the syntax or usage... simply type in the cli...   'cli search keyword <string>' and it will return EVERY command available with that particular <string>  for example... if you were looking for a command that would show you what MAC addresses had been learned on an interface but didn't remember the command.... type something like.. 'cli search keyword mac' and it would return a list of commands that contain MAC...  It's not an exact science but gives you a good way to dig through the litany of commands.


The same thing applies to searching the configuration file...  for example... if you were clever enough to assign circuit ID's to all of the logical and physical interfaces you created for a given service... you could search the configuration file for all of the associated entities..    Example:  Let's say you had a circuit named..  51277  and you wanted to know all of the entities associated..  (remember that you would have had to name all of the logical and physical entities appropriately)... you could simply type 'config search string 51277' and each config line that had the string '51277' would be returned to your screen. 


Happy fishing.