Are you Fearless?

Discussion created by rreinke Employee on Nov 17, 2017
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Ciena just held their FY18 Sales and Marketing Kickoff this week. The theme this year was "Fearless". We were all challenged to be fearless. But what does that mean? Is it to fear less? Or is it to be adaptable and resilient in the face of challenge, to overcome any obstacle?  No one is without fear.  No one. Those who lead and make the most impact learn to face their fears with confidence and composure, leverage the resources available to them and believe that they can adapt and grow to meet any challenge. 


I have read several great books and articles this year that talk about how you show up, how important a growth mindset is to success and happiness and how women in particular can build more confidence. These all build a foundation to make the choice to be fearless. 


Here at Ciena, we are just entering our 2018 fiscal year so it is time to record goals for the coming year and I happen to be taking on a new, uncharted role at Ciena. This year I am committing to make the choice to tackle my challenges fearlessly, have confidence in my abilities and leverage the amazing resources at the ready. The only easy day was yesterday, will you choose to be fearless? What does that mean to you?