Did you know that the "glass ceiling" is 40 years old?

Discussion created by onixon Employee on Dec 13, 2017


Stumbled across this in my newsfeed this morning. I love how one small phrase captures so much, and how we are making strides to defeat cultural bias everyday. 


The term "glass ceiling" refers to the sometimes-invisible barrier to success that many women come up against in their careers. Management consultant Marilyn Loden coined the phrase almost 40 years ago but says it is still as relevant as ever.


Rather than accept the glass ceiling as inevitable, it is time for institutions to acknowledge that the embedded biases in their cultures predisposing many men for career success while diminishing the strengths, styles and capabilities of the majority of talented women must be eradicated.


'Why I invented the glass ceiling phrase'

BBC 100 Women - #100Women

For those in the UK; you can also watch Marilyn Loden taking part in the 100 Women Challenge: Breaking the Glass Ceiling on BBC iPlayer