NETCONF support on CN39xx/CN51xx/CN8700

Discussion created by on Jan 18, 2018
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Hi all!


We are using different Ciena device types out of the

  • 3000 Familiy Service Delivery Switches,
  • 5000 Familiy Service Aggregation Switches
  • and the latest CN8700 devices

Beside CLI we are using SNMP so far to change service configuration through a provisioning tool. Since NETCONF was mentioned in some user manuals we would try out using YANG for Service Modelling and NETCONF for configuration.


Why are that less information in the internet about Ciena devices and the NETCONF usage? Several vendors publish their YANG files, so people can play arround with configuration staff?


Who has tried NETCONF with Ciena device?

What about the latest packet networking switch CN8700? The manual does not say anything about NETCONF, but you can get a HELLO from the NETCONF Server.


Share your experiences!