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CN3916 Remote Management Issue

Question asked by heywhire on Jan 27, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by jnorman

I have a Ciena CN3916 with saos-06-10-01-0148  build 8863  and was trying to get the remote management configure but have had no luck. The remote management will not allow vlan 1 on it like the LE311 will for management. 


If all I have coming out of the supply modem is vlan 1 how do I get it to configured? Right now I have internet going into port 1 of the 3916 then port 6 going to a LE311 port 25. The LE311 does not have a problem pinging gateway. The console port is serial, which I do have access to. 


Is it possible to get remote management working on Vlan 1, maybe with a loopback or a push/pop of the vlan (PVID)?