Enterprises & Service Providers want more services for less cost

Discussion created by nchao Employee on Feb 22, 2018

Enterprises want more services for less cost. Many seek to reduce equipment costs by switching from expensive physical customer premises equipment (CPE) to virtual CPE (vCPE) and software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) appliances and VNFs They want dynamic, flexible access to more services, such as security, public cloud, internet breakout, unified communications, and on-ramp into Enterprise SaaS. Without being held back by rigid MPLS architectures. They also want faster response and lower support costs, which is accomplished with automation, shifting functions to the service provider’s data centers, and getting self-care capabilities.


Service providers want to address these demands by migrating their hardware-centric enterprise services to software-centric Dynamic Enterprise Services. With SD-WAN, providers overlay virtualized enterprise services on a physical network, even out-of-region using another provider’s access network. With vCPE, providers replace complex hardware-based, on-premises services with services delivered as part of a managed service offer that is integrated with the underlying transport network. For both, they enable new sellable services and automate setup and operational processes.


How many of your customers are looking to deploy vCPE and SD-WAN solutions? What are their timeframes for deploying?


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