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Transponder connections between 2 OCI's and a OCLD

Question asked by joost.witlox on Apr 9, 2018
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I've got a question about the creation of transponder connections between 2 OCI's and a OCLD. We got a NTK539QV (200G OCLD w/Encr) card in slot 2 as the "aggregate" of both a 10x10G card, NTK529HA, in slot 1 and a 5x40/2x100G card, NTK529BB, in slot 3. Our customer wants to start using the 10x10G card of slot 1 in combination with only 1 of the 100G interfaces of slot 3. I have tried to get these transponder connections in however even if there is one 100G lane available on the 200G card it's not accepting me to use it on the 2nd card. So if I create the connection between the OCLD and the 10x10G in slot 1 (payload 1), I can't use the 100G (payload 2) lane to create a connection between the OCLD and the 100G in slot 3 and vice versa. It looks to me the 2x100/5x40 OCI always claims the full bandwith on the 200G OCLD even when only half is used. Is this a software issue and can that be changed or is this hardware related?