Working With Blue Planet Orchestrator API's Course Released

Discussion created by cboyles Employee on May 30, 2018

The "Working with Blue Planet Orchestrator API's" course has been released and may be found here on the Ciena Learning site. 


"Working with Blue Planet Orchestrator API's"


About the Course

Welcome to the Working with Blue Planet Orchestrator APIs course. Get an overview of the many components that comprise Blue Planet. Each component exposes its own API’s which allows developers to perform orchestration based actions with said components. Explore the REST API guidelines, Blue Planet Core APIs, and the tools necessary to work with the APIs. This course combines insightful lecture with hands on demonstrations and hands on labs that reinforce RESTful concepts.

When you complete the course you will be able to:
  • Describe the Blue Planet Orchestrator (BPO) APIs
  • Define the Core BPO APIs
  • Work with the Authentication API
  • Work with the Market API
  • Use core networking tools including Swagger and cURL
  • Perform exact string filtering of API data

Enroll now and learn to start working with Blue Planet Orchestrator API's!