Share Your Experiences: Open Questions That Need Answers (May 31st)

Discussion created by hausmus Employee on May 31, 2018

Happy almost June!! I'm getting back on track after missing this thread last week, so we're giving shout outs to those that asked a question, commented on a question, or submitted an idea for the last two weeks. I also don't know if we need this thread anymore, everyone has been awesome helping answer questions the last couple days... thank you to you all!! 


Here are threads that are currently still open. Click the title to join the conversation by sharing your experiences, ask questions that you've had on that topic, or even just to read and learn. 




Big THANK YOU to: Chris, George, Francois-Xavier, Pedro, David, Marcin, sultan, SurekStephenAlexandre,  Nirina,  prabakaran,  SubhamKanchan, Josh, Rashmi, Chris, Jeff, Sylvain, John, John, Paulina, Navid, Leonardo, Sumit, Richard, Brandon, and Ray