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OME6500 ILAN cabling for remote access

Question asked by majahangir on Jun 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by hausmus

I already have a Ciena 6500 active node with SW Rel 11.0.  Now I am adding the second shelf with SW rel 9.22 and already cabled for ILAN OUT (active node) to ILAN IN (new node).  The ILAN ports are also configured with the required IPs.  Do you think it will affect the active shelf when I do the TID consolidation to establish the remote access because of these two node's SW rel mismatch?   If not, after consolidation what else I need to do in order to gain remote access through the active node?  Is there anything else I need to configure?  Also, once the remote access is secured should I be able to upgrade the SW rel to the new shelf remotely through the ILAN to match the active shelf SW rel?