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cannot delete 10G port on NTK529BB

Question asked by centralofficejoe on Jul 10, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by hausmus

Attempting to correct a bad turnup of a Supermux card.  I am trying to change the facility type of a 10x10G card port from ETH10G to OTM2.  10x10 card is NTK529BB.  


I have hopped from CO to CO changing the ports (via deleting first, then adding back as OTM2) until I reached this 10x10 port and when I try and delete, it gives me this message:


Operation failed. The following command(s) failed during operation:

Delete facility ETH10G-1-6-2 : The node XXXXXXXXX is not in a valid state
All manually provisioned child facility instances must be deleted prior deleting this facility.


I cannot find any provisioned child facility instances.  The 10G port is automatically mapped to the 100G port when we turn up the 100G facility.  I have not had to de-map the 10G port on any of the other cards along the path.


Done this dozens of times.  Puzzled on what is wrong.