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Flex3 WL3e OCLD (NTK539Qx) mated with PKT/OTN XC I/F 100G circuit packs (NTK665AA)

Question asked by rborges Employee on Jul 17, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2018 by hausmus

Hi all,


  • When runing on transponder mode, the Flex3 WL3e OCLD cards can be on 16QAM mode (200G line rate) and mated with up to 2 different 100G cards (left and right side of the FLEX3). This being 2 different transponder connections (2 backplane ODU4).


I have a question regarding the Flex3 WL3e OCLD (NTK539Qx) when mated with PKT/OTN XC I/F 100G circuit packs (NTK665AA):

I Could not find anything on the product documentation that supports (or discards the possibility to) the FLEX3 WL3e OCLD (on 16QAM) POTS mode be mated with 2 different PKT/OTN XC I/F 100G, so that it would work at 200G line rate and cross connect (ODU0, 1, 2...) using the shelf PKT/OTN cross-connect.

Would that work?


Would someone have more info on this?

Thank you,


Renato Borges