Building a Ciena Lab

Discussion created by kendali Advocate on Aug 8, 2018
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I guess I'm after some reinforcement on my thoughts for building my lab. Original intent of this lab is to be testing out G.8032 rings and subrings so we certainly do not want this to touch our existing network. I have three 3930s I'm starting out with and jumpering them through on fiber down to where I'm dropping into a 3916 to essentially act as a converter to copper. The copper then comes to my desk where I have a 3920 for testing purposes and can switch between being plugged into the working network and the lab network. We are also getting a serial console server so that we can still access the 3930s through the working network in order to disable ports.


I utilize ZTP and get IP addresses auto assigned using our DHCP server, so I've never actually hard set them on a switch. I'm trying to figure out the best way to  assign access to these switches. Should I just set up a private network between them with the remote interface? I did have one 3916 grab a DHCP address and then I compared it to one I was just consoled into w/ no network access and I couldn't get them to look the same on the interface show commands. I'm going to go look through some command manuals to see how I specifically assign an ip address.


Anyone else have labs set up and what did you do in order to isolate the environment?