This Week I Learned: August 3rd

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"Good habits are worth being fanatical about"

John Irving


Hey everyone! Welcome to August! Up here in the great state of Idaho we can tell that August is here because of the amount of smoke and elevated fire warnings. It's all part of living in the mountainous high desert. Because of that and the high heat we tend to stay indoors. And staying indoors means figuring out other things to do because typically, this is an outdoorsy place where I live. It's times like this that I can sit down with my son and reinforce some good habits with him. And one of those is...


Make learning a habit. 


If one wishes to keep growing, one must make learning a habit. One must be specific about setting learning goals to attain. Vague resolutions never work out. Setting up learning goals that are specific, and measurable are the key to building a habit. It is also an imperative to monitor ones self to make sure that those goals are being attained. To continue to guide ones self in the direction of those pursuits. By monitoring ourselves we learn our nature. Once we understand our nature, we can apply the tools and techniques necessary to ensure our success. 


In the case of my kiddo however, he needs a little external monitoring. I have no problems being his accountabilibuddy, and it is working in his favor. 


Have you made learning a habit? What kinds of learning habits do you have? Have you made it a goal to make learning a habit? 


And on that note, feel free to answer one of the previous questions, or our regular question posted below.  


This week I learned _________. 

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The weekend is almost here. We hope you have an awesome weekend! We're looking forward to hearing from all y'all.