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Having trouble rate limiting on Ciena 3903 NID

Question asked by on Aug 10, 2018
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I work for a small service provider that recently got a few contracts to provide last mile transport for a cell provider.  These are 100mbps circuits with 2000 for the MTU size, and I'm trying to do policing on the 3903 we've purchased for the handoff.  However, when I use iperf to test throughput, it bounces between 5 and 9mbps.  This is a new area for me, and I read a bit more on policing from different vendors, but I'm still not understanding it.  This is what I tried - 


traffic-profiling set port 1 mode advanced
traffic-profiling set port 2 mode advanced
traffic-profiling standard-profile create port 1 profile 1 name 100M_OUT cir 100000 pir 100000
traffic-profiling standard-profile create port 2 profile 2 name 100M_IN cir 100000 pir 100000
traffic-profiling enable port 1
traffic-profiling enable port 2
traffic-profiling enable



If someone could assist me with this example, I'd greatly appreciate it.