Connecting a 3928 to a 8700

Discussion created by ikim Advocate on Aug 10, 2018
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FYI, hope this will help you save some time if you are in the same situation.


We were trying to connect a 1G optical SFP port on the 8700 20x10G card to a 1G optical SFP port on a 3928, and it did not come up right away. After some port show troubleshooting, we realized that the default auto-neg on the 8700 is "off" and the default auto-neg on the 3928 is "on". Once we switched the 8700 port to auto-neg "on", the circuit came up. Why different Ciena switches have different default auto-neg values I have no idea, since the 8700 and 3928 are relatively new switches. Maybe the 3928 still has ex-WWP people developing it, and the 8700 has ex-Nortel people developing it. It would be nice if all Ciena switches were consistent in their default settings.