This Week I Learned : October 12th

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“Let me say it again: You must not come lightly to the blank page.”

Stephen King

While the quote is about writing, it applies to all aspects of life.  It is about approaching tasks with a plan. It is about acting with intention. One should think at all times about what they are doing and allow those thoughts to let oneself move with a purpose. It is not uncommon to simply shift into auto-pilot and simple go through the motions. In doing so, one may miss out on the opportunity, or the ability to create, or do something amazing. 


Also, here in the states it is scary month. We can't let scary month get away without at least one quote from an individual who makes scary things. 


So... Did you learn something interesting this week? Let us know!


This week I learned __________.

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Thank you Kelia for posting last week's TWIL


Be excellent to each other and have a glorious weekend!