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How to provision "Protected drop and continue" circuits?

Question asked by on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2018 by hausmus

I need to provision drop and continue circuits for compatibility operation with Cisco ONS 15454. The Cisco ONS 15454 CE-MR-10 card supports drop and continue, but only with CCAT SONET/Ethernet, with sizes of STS-1, STS-3c, STS-6c, STS-9c, STS-12c, STS-24c, and STS-24c. As far as I can determine, 5410/TSLM-48 1GE supports only CCAT STS-21c and STS-24c. Consequently, compatibility will require using CCAT STS-24c.


Ciena document 009-3266-100_(5400_R4.1_SysCescr)RevA.pdf, "System Description, Release 4.1" Figure 3-12 looks like the solution.


Attempts to accomplish this from the Node Manager GUI result in an "almost" solution. Unfortunately, the intermediate VCP (VCP_B_0 in Figure 3-12) was not associated with the FCC (even though it was created via Node Manager from the FCC screen with the FCC selected and using the "Add" button); and the state of the intermediate VCP was "IDLE".


Attempts to provision using TL1 commands have also failed.


The TL1 commands ENT-FCC and ED-FCC complain about VCP xxx_0 not being a valid sink (or is it that VCP xxx_1 cannot be a source).


The TL1 commands ENT-DDECFCC and ED-DDECFCC may be the solution. The document does not list VCP as a valid type for the DdecFccEndPtType, but the text says "Either the source, sink, or both, must refer to a VCP." I have been unable to successfully format a TL1 ENT-DDECFCC command. The machine complains:

=== BEGIN ===

M  1009 DENY
   /* Invalid Payload block. Invalid Data Format. */: ENT-DDECFCC::man-24c-1way-FCC:100::SR1TYPE=VCP,SR1NAME=im24c-VCP_0,SK1TYPE=CTP,SK1NAME=1-A-9-1

=== END ===


What is the Node Manager procedure to provision a drop and continue SONET to Ethernet port instance?


What is the TL1 command sequence to provision a drop and continue SONET to EThernet port instance?