This Week I Learned: October 19th

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"Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent, and original manner possible."

Richard Feynman


This week I learned about the Feynman Technique, a mental model meant to help efficiently and quickly learn concepts. Created by Nobel Prize winner and physicist, Richard Feynman, the model is especially helpful for students, like me, with exams and quizzes to study for, but it can also be applicable to  courses, or any topic you simply want to learn more about. The technique outlines steps to test yourself on your understanding of a concept and helps you simplify it so that it is easily remembered. 


What did you learn this week? We want to hear all about it and what cool projects you're working on, new skills you picked up, goals you completed, or something new you've learned since last Friday. Complete the sentence below to share something from your week:


This week I learned __________.

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Thank you Shawn for participating and Casey for posting last week's TWIL: October 12th!


Have an awesome weekend!