This Week I Learned: November 2nd

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"Superheroes are the best of us. Never mind all those powers or the crazy costumes. The heart of a superhero is meant to inspire."

Marjorie Liu


Happy Friday! Since Halloween is over, many of us are hanging up our costumes until next year, but I like to think that we're always wearing figurative capes as we battle the endless pursuit of knowledge. Like superheroes, knowledge can inspire us and empower us to inspire others. For this special Halloween edition of TWIL, we want to hear about what knowledge has inspired you this week.


If you were a Superhero, what Ciena product, feature or technology would you choose to give you superpowers and why?


This week I learned __________. Or, My superpower is/would be___________.

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Thank you to Heather for participating in and Casey for posting last week's TWIL: October 26th!


Have a great weekend!