Community Happenings: Week Ending 9/9

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Welcome back from the weekend! For today's fun fact, I learned that on September 12, 1940, the Lascaux cave paintings were discovered near Montignac, France. As the artwork is between 15,000 and 17,000 years old, it's a fascinating look at how past civilizations communicated. So, one could argue the Ciena Community is carrying on the traditions of our ancestors (in a way?). What do you think?


If you have any suggestions on things you'd like to see more (or less) of, please feel free to share with Margarita Giraldo or post in About the Ciena Community




Hello and welcome to the newest members of our community! Meet Loukmane BahYari, rob bramall, David Claiborne, Michael Clark, Damon Ennis, Ricardo Ramirez Lozano, Dan Lubanga, Dave Olsen, Bo Rothwell, Erich Stick,Gilles Tondini, Herbert Trainor and Bhuvan Vengainathan



Have you seen the newest video in  6500 Packet-Optical Platform? Check out Troubleshooting Ciena PinPoint,  and Ciena helps Telstra Test High-Speed Optical Encryption posted by Helen Xenos. We're working to get more videos in the community, but let us know what you think!


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Learn how you can complete the Ready. Set. Go quest in: Ciena Community Rewards: A Guide to Actions, Missions, Quests and Levels. You can also find a tip on one action under Community Tips below.


Drum roll, please! Our most popular content for last week was:

Open Questions

We have an opportunity for you to share your knowledge and expertise and collaborate with peers and members of the Ciena team: There's a question regarding AC battery backup for Ciena 5142 switch  from Loukmane BahYari . Respond here if you have any information.


Visit these forums to ask your product questions or to collaborate and learn with your peers:


Community Tip

This week's tip is about uploading your profile image and avatar for the community. Your photo is a great way for people to “meet” and recognize you in person. You can upload up to five photos that people can see when they visit your profile. While, your avatar lets community members quickly associate your comments and status updates with a simple visual cue.


Learn more about following people in this About the Ciena Community guide: Uploading or Choosing an Avatar

Find more tips and topics in: Getting Started and Guide to Ciena Community Forums and Topics


That’s it for this Ciena Community Happenings post this week. Have a great week and keep networking!


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