Member Spotlight: Fred Valcho

Blog Post created by hausmus Employee on May 31, 2017

I'm beyond thrilled to share that we have a new member under the Ciena Community spotlight. Everyone please meet: Frederick Valcho


Fred has been a member of the community since June 7, 2016, so it will be his memberversary next week. Since Fred has joined, he's asked five questions and he's helped answer nearly twenty questions, which is pretty impressive. As an important, active, and knowledgeable member of the Ciena Community, here's your opportunity to get to know Fred a little more and ask him a few questions. Check out his Member Spotlight Survey below. 



Fred Valcho

1. What is your current role?

Contractor for AmickBrown LLC to AT&T Labs; U-verse Labs Operation; OPER'L CERTIFICATION & ADVANCED TECH SUP


2. How did you get started in the industry?

After being drafted, I joined US Navy service in 1972-1978, did three support tours to Vietnam. After my honorable discharge, I took a job as a field tech for a company to service check remittance systems that verified payments made to banks, retailers, etc. From there, I talked my way into Sytek in technical support, eventually ending up at Cisco systems in subsystems support in the lab for 10-plus years. I took a position with Ciena in Spokane as a test engineer on the AT&T projects, and wound up working in pre-production uVerse testing and support here at AT&T in San Ramon, CA.


3. What are your favorite sources of information to do your job?

My fave resources are manuals, Release Notes, co-workers, a conspicuous set of personal notes and how-tos, and Internet searches.


4. What projects or initiatives are you looking forward to working on this year, or you're most proud of accomplishing in the past?

My AT&T support were definitely a big help an landing their AT&T uVerse support position. Having the inside rack on the Ciena gear was a major plus here.The icing though, is that I've tested nearly every internet protocol used in the backbone; bridging, routing, STP spanning tree protocols, SSH, etc. Many of them from conception, prior to any RFCs, or enhancements to many RFCs.


5. If we ask your family and friends, what would they say you do at work?

My family only knows I'm a geek-head, and that I have worked in the internet business since before there were rocks. Friends are always kept in the dark, I want it to be a secret. Shhh!


6. What are some of the topics that you're most interested in discussing in the community?

Any topic that includes an open and honest discussion. But since my back ground in the switches, I have more inside knowledge than others not within Ciena. So I am more helpful there. 


7. What should Ciena Community members ask you about?

Since I originally worked for Ciena in systems testing, I'm more helpful in that arena. But I'll tackled just about any topic of discussion. 


8. What else would you like people to know about you?

I love to cook. I take any recipe and turn it into my own style. I like to keep things simple in the kitchen. Flavors can be over whelmed by adding too many ingredients into a dish. I try to stay away from salt, except sea salts, mostly dry herbs, many freshly ground and mixed to my tastes. I do not like to add 'heat'. It robs the taste buds of getting the full layered affect of a recipes direction.

I also like to tell stories, and to get people into believing things that normally they would not have. But most of all, I am a 'peoples person'. I totally enjoy holding a conversation with just about anyone on any subject. I particularly really like talking to people who are older than me (I'm 63 going on 64). They have seen things I will never be able to witness and I find that simply fascinating in of itself.


Thank you Fred for going under the spotlight and for all your help with launching the Ciena Community! 


Ask Fred questions in the comments below, but connect with him, here