Member Spotlight: Chelsi Doyle

Blog Post created by hausmus Employee on Sep 28, 2017

Meet the newest member to participate in our Member Spotlight, Chelsi Doyle. Chelsi has been a member since July 2016. In that time, she's completed three community quests as a member of Women@Ciena, celebrating her one year memberversay, and participating on our What Is: NFV discussion. More importantly, she’s helped fellow peers in our 6500 and Packet Networking forums by sharing her experiences and answering questions.


Get to know Chelsi a little more in our interview and connect with her, here.


1. What is your current role? How did you get started in the industry?
I'm currently a Network Engineer for F6 Networks handling everything from transport to routing to programming and everything in between. I got started in the industry right out of university working as a Network Analyst for my university's IT department.


2. What are your favorite sources of information to do your job?
I spend a fair bit of time digging through the Ciena documentation and reading the Ciena community forums. I really like Reddit's networking subreddit for information on everything else I work on too.


3. What projects or initiatives are you looking forward to working on this year, or you're most proud of accomplishing in the past?
Right now I'm most proud of setting up a temporary wired and wireless network for a local music festival a few weeks ago. We had several unknowns going into the start of the week and had some surprises along the way (including that we couldn't get fibre to one of the locations!) but pulled it off without a hitch.


4. If we ask your family and friends, what would they say you do at work?
They know I make the internet work and that I do things with networks over long distances. I haven't found a better way to explain it to them yet.

5. What are some of the topics that you're most interested in discussing in the community?
I'm very interested in transport and long-haul networking and I'm always looking to expand my knowledge in that area. I'm also interested in discussing implementing mpls-tp on the 39xx and 51xx switches because it's something I've been playing with in the lab for a while now.


6. What should Ciena Community members ask you about?
I love talking about my job and all the cool stuff I get to do but I also play bass guitar and bake. My coworkers are always very happy when I bring in baked treats. I'm also really excited to be getting my motorcycle license in a couple of weeks.


7. What else would you like people to know about you?
I have a bad habit of wanting to do as much work as I can in a single maintenance window so I don't have to be up late for outages as often. I need my sleep! My coworkers have to reign in my plans sometimes.



Leave a comment below to ask Chelsi additional questions on her job, baking, bass guitar skills, or dream motorcycle. 


Thank you, Chelsi, for being a member of the community and all your contributions!