Community Happenings: 6500, 3930, GW, Member Spotlight & More

Blog Post created by hausmus Employee on Oct 9, 2017

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Here is your guide to what happened around the community last week. 



Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to our newest members! Welcome:  Siew Kuen Chang, Pla Gong, John MacDonald, Simon Oldham, matt pendleton, Potluri Ramesh, Gerry Raponi, Rahenda ROSMEDI, Matt Siniscal, Tan Song Kwong, Clayton Tavernier, Nigel Walker, and markus weidmann


We're glad you're all here and look forward to hearing from you! We'd love to learn more about you and invite you to say hello at: Introduce yourself: What Ciena products do you use?


Our most popular answered questions based on your views last week were the following:


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Of The Week


Happy memberversary to the following members celebrating their first year in the Ciena Community: Sergey Afanasiev, Mohammad Alshaikh, Brett Dwyer, Kyle Hanson, Mike Keim, Bhalaji Kumar, Loic LE GAL, Richard Lennon, chet myers, Jeff Neuffer, Raghunandan Ramesha, Kevin Schaefer, Johan Shane, Scott Steele, Michael Ulrich, and William Vaughn



Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.

Robert Collier



This Friday, October 13th is National Train Your Brain Day. Celebrated annually, it is a day to encourage everyone to expand and exercise their brain and use more of its potential capacity. Some of the ways to train your mind and improve cognitive skills include: reading, word puzzles, number games, brain teasers, trivia games, riddles and word games. This Friday, set aside some time to complete your favorite activity. word puzzle, brain teasers or riddles.


We may even just have a Ciena word puzzle for you... stay tuned for more details! 


Did You Know

On October 9th, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson demonstrated the first two-way phone call over outdoor wires. The first call was made between the cities of Boston and Cambridge. 



Have a great week and keep networking!