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Blog Post created by hausmus Employee on Mar 12, 2018

Hope everyone is adjusting to the clocks moving ahead one hour. We have a few open questions in the community for others to help and share their experiences and expertise:  



Here is your overview of happenings around the community for last week. Please join us in welcoming new members, celebrating others on their one-year memberversary, and sharing your experiences on discussions and questions:



Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to our newest members! Welcome: Albert Bayona, Dee Beavers, Frank Bulk, Anthony Daskalieros, Carlos David, James Faraci, ALFREDO GOMEZ, Michael Hoop, Manuel Pablo Lorenzo, Satyajit Mandal, Kate Marchant, Tim Masse, Colin Meakin, Shabnas P K, Kyle Paniucki, Eric Peake, thomas robak, and Yashael Urena


We're glad you're here and look forward to hearing from you! What is your favorite engineering joke?


Our most popular questions based on your views, and other noteworthy discussions, events, and more:


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Of The Week


Happy memberversary to the following members celebrating their first year in the Ciena Community: Abhimanyu Alavalapati, RAFAT AMMAR, David Anderson, Jahanzeb Ashraf, George Babu, David Belinski, Santosh Bheemarajaiah, Steve Cannella, Jean-Baptiste Ciccolella, Jorge Cruz Morales, Geert de Groot, Sylvain Desbureaux, Виктор Каток, Julie Eggers, Sven Freudenfeld, Shivam Garg, Virginia Gonzalez, erasmo guedes, Ricky Hatcher, Vasileios Iliadis, Jan Jacobs, A. Kara, Alexander Lindholm, carlos lopez dorado, Leandro Elias Milocco, Shyama Moorthy, Ritesh Nagrale, Vijay NG, Bryan Nightingale, Constantin Nita, Anderson Oliveira, Lucy Paiva, Ansley Penaranda, kent Poulson, Kevin Rengifo Sandoval, Ernesto Rodriguez Guerrero, Fernando Sánchez, Kazushige Saito, Christian Soria, Jack Spurlock, Brent Whiteley, Baptiste Xaxa, Peh Yen Shin, Nancy Younan, and Evgeny Zykov



Anything worth doing well is worth doing poorly at first.

G.K. Chesterton 





Share what HQoS means in telecom and join the 52 Weeks of Learning Challenge at: I Love Acronyms: HQoS



Today, March 12, 2018, is understandably, a day for celebrating naps and known as, National Napping Day. Observed annually the day after we return to daylight savings time. National Napping Day provides a day for everyone with the opportunity, or maybe not, to take a nap and catch up on the lost hour of sleep due to the spring forward time change. Did you get your nap in today?  


Did You Know

On March 12, 2008, the video streaming service, Hulu, is launched. The name Hulu was selected in late August 2007, when the website went live with only an announcement, no content. The website invited users to sign up for a private beta test in October, but later beta testers could invite friends. In 2017, Hulu viewers watched more than 12,000 years of South Park and living room devices were the most popular way to of streaming TV content. (source


Have a great week and keep networking!