Atlanta Hackathon - Day 5 - The Final Countdown

Blog Post created by cboyles Employee on Oct 1, 2018

Friday. The last day of the Hackathon. Teams undoubtedly were awake into the wee hours tuning their solutions and tweaking their presentations. This morning, teams would have to present their accomplishments for the week. 


Teams were agile, and spirited while dining on hot breakfasts of biscuits, grits, eggs, and bacon; and a conspicuously larger presence of caffeinated beverages.   

What was missing was the nerves, that pulsing in the air that one feels when being surrounded by individuals griped with the fear the of having to perform the second scariest task in the world. Nope, not this group. Every single participant was revving to share what they accomplished with their peers. That is one of the aspects of Open Source Development I relish... the culture. The ingrained need to create, share, and learn. To build the community. 

Teams presenting today were 

  • Gladius 
  • Windstream
  • Driven
  • Tata


Representatives from Driven, and Tata had elected to spend the bulk of their time at the Hackathon learning about how MDSO and related technologies worked so they could better understand how MDSO and other technologies would fit into their Use Cases. Both teams were not only happy to receive a Master Class during the Hackathon, but they were both comfortable with how Ciena's technologies would fit into their use cases. Driven went on to discuss how BPO MDSO would be used to offload  legacy firewall appliances from a national retailer's solution in favor of flexible, fault tolerant virtual devices on larger servers that could spin up new firewall on-demand for new instances of the retailer using what they described as their "No-Touch" method. Tata described how they were going to use BPO MDSO for implement Bandwidth on Demand service orchestration for 10/100 Gb transport pipelines. Very exciting stuff!


Gladius and Windstream both gave extended presentations about their solutions. Windstream had participated in Hackathon's before, so this was old hat to that team. Both teams used multiple presenters, power point decks, live demos, and a bevy of other presentation devices. 


Gladius presented on their Self-healing, Fault-tolerant, Integrity focused Content Delivery Network solutions. Gladius' Digital Ocean solution keeps the comforts and usability of traditional CDN and DDoS protection services while costing less. Gladius enables anyone to protect and accelerate their website. They described their use case and how they were going to use BPO's polling abilities in conjunction with a custom designed RA, and a series of Service Templates to interact with their Digital Ocean RA. It was an impressive presentation given how little code was necessary to provide so many services. 


Windstream presented their use case for provisioning and activating residential internet services. Windstream specializes in providing internet services for rural residential customers. Rural customers rarely fall into a realm where a fixed internet package will work for them. Windstream is putting together flexible, on-demand internet services that focus on delivering the most bandwidth to their customers for the lowest price. Their goal was to create a lean, automated interface for provisioning services, and they are well on their way in that endeavor. 


Two Ciena representatives demonstrated their use cases. One delivered Layer 2 provisioning using MCP for alarm management and MDSO for orchestration purposes. 


So, who were the Hackathon winners? 


Gladius and Windstream developed more components of their use cases than they were anticipating. Both teams have content ready or near ready to put into production. Tata and Driven both developed an understanding of how Blue Planet orchestrates multi-domain services, and how MDSO fits into their use cases. All the teams achieved their goals. And the representatives from Tata and Driven were given special recognition because they were there on their own and tackled the task of learning MDSO with Blue Planet Orchestrator. 



So, after learning a ton of new skills, honing use-cases, creating more stories, developing immediately implementable products, and having ideas for more down the road; I would have to say it is the customers of Driven, Gladius, Tata, and Windstream who are the winners. All four of the teams are building flexible, low-maintenance, low-overhead, reliable services for their customers. Services that are designed to be post-modern, i.e. extensible over time. 


Why aren't Driven, Gladius, Tata, and Windstream the winners? Well they are. The teams accomplished more than they wanted, and that is a big check in the win column. But, we know why the teams of developers showed up to the Hackathon in the first place. 


Because developers are gonna develop. 


Congratulations to all four teams, Driven, Gladius, Tata, and Windstream for an excellent showing at the Atlanta Hackathon. We wish you and your customers all the best. We hope to see all of you at a Hackathon again soon. 


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P.S. The presentations were recorded and will be posted as soon as they are ready.