ACE Spotlight: Isaac Kim

Blog Post created by hausmus Employee on Oct 24, 2018

Community meet Isaac, Isaac meet the community! Isaac is one of our Ciena Community ACEs and brings knowledge and experience to the community on optical. He’s currently a Senior Sales Engineer at LightRiver Technologies and has formal education in Geophysics. Beyond networking, Isaac is looking for tips to improve his short game, so pass them on if you have any. You may also notice that he's playing a round at the Bandon Dunes Golf Course along the southern coast of Oregon in his profile picture.


You can connect with Isaac and see some of his most recent contributions to the community on his profile.


Learn more about Isaac in his interview:


What is your current role? How did you get started in the industry?

I am a Senior Sales Engineer at LightRiver Technologies. My formal education was in Geophysics.  I started working for a start-up in San Diego that did Free Space Optics (FSO). It turned out that laser propagation is very similar to seismic wave propagation, except light pulses at a much higher frequency. The start-up got bought by MRV, and I ended up doing more fiber optics stuff. I have been with LightRiver for 5ish years now.


What are your favorite sources of information to do your job?
Ciena gives us great access to technical resources. Aaron Isler is my go-to person for my technical questions. Kevin Mizerek knows more about the 6500 than anyone I know. Chris Rand and Jason A Powell are great CES resources. Perrin Hirshman has helped me with OnePlanner modeling. Helen Xenos provides excellent updates to Ciena optical transport improvements.

At LightRiver, is it nice that we have other SE's who are real experts in optical transport, Carrier Ethernet, MPLS, other routing, SDN, NFV, SDWAN, and NMS.


What projects, or initiatives, are you looking forward to working, or you’re most proud of accomplishing?

I am currently working on a 100GE 8700 network for a small carrier in Northern California. We just installed the hardware and are provisioning DIA and other Ethernet circuits.

My favorite network that I designed and engineered was the Wilcon network in Southern California. It was a combo 6500/CES network that provided wave and Ethernet services throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. It started as a series of 10G waves and we were started to add 100G waves, until Wilcon was bought by Crown Castle, which resulted in that account going direct.


If we ask your friends and family, what would they say you do at work?

I tell my friends and family that I try to make the Internet faster for everyone. They all understand the value of that.


What’s your favorite breakfast cereal?

Don't eat cereal, breakfast is usually some fruit and maybe some yogurt.


What should Ciena Community members ask you about?

How to improve your short game

Seriously, I know the most about optical transport. I can dabble at 10,000 feet about Carrier Ethernet, and I can spell MPLS and BGP, but that is about the extent of my routing knowledge.