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Blog Post created by sconliff Employee on Feb 27, 2017

“Imagine having a complete picture of where you want to go, with the added bonus of just-in-time information. This could help you get from Point A to Point B using the fastest route possible.”


This is how I pitched the benefits of having a smartphone with a reliable, map application to my taxi driver from a few days go. He greeted me with a flip phone, no GPS and no clue how to get to where I had to go. To add to my luck, as the gentleman guessed his way around the city, we kept getting stuck in traffic—tons of it.


The network equivalent of my description to the cabbie, at its most basic, would be Software Defined Networking (SDN). Along with complementary approaches such as Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and the cloud, it is changing the landscape of the information superhighway that we all depend on to run our lives.


Curious or confused about the world of virtualization? Ciena has designed a number of bite-sized, online courses that will bring you up to speed on this topic, including:


And, did I mention that these are amongst the 55+ courses in our Open Curriculum digital library, available to you, completely, 100% free?


Get started today. All you need is a Ciena account. (Have one? Sign in here.) Don’t have one? No worries, it’s free, too.  


To open your Ciena account (and access free content): 

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Interested? If so, feel free to respond “I am in!” in the comment section below. (Or simply send me a note!) You’re also welcome to ask questions during and after the courses here, in the Ciena Community, too.


P.S. for those wondering: Requesting an Uber was a no-go since the app was blocked at the airport where I landed. And lending my iPhone to the cabbie was futile since it was out of juice and the car did not have a USB charger port. It was “one of those days” …