Working in Your Ciena Community Inbox

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The Ciena Community Inbox is all around YOU. It is where all of the activity you've published and participated on resides. In addition, it also includes shares, direct social actions and action notifications pertinent to you. Selecting an item in the list will populate the content in the bottom of the view where you can share, reply and navigate to the specific piece of content.


A few tips on working in and leveraging your Ciena Community Inbox.


Accessing Your Inbox

Your inbox can be accessed by clicking on the bell icon next to your avatar. Or,  you can go directly to:


Alerts of Inbox Notifications

When you have a new activity to view or take action on in the community, the bell icon will appear in red and how a count of how many items you have to view. Select the icon to begin view your new items.


Inbox Notifications

Items in your Inbox that haven't been read will appear in bold and have a blue dot to the left of them. As you read them, the blue dot will disappear and the item will no longer be bold. Should you like to mark an item as unread, click the smaller gray dot that appears in place of the blue dot and the message will appear in bold and the blue dot will reappear - your notification count will also increase by one again.


Manage Your Inbox

There are a few options that allow you to filter items in your Inbox to review and read them, or find past items to view again or take additional action. The options include:

  • Unread Only: Similar to your regular email inbox, you can choose to see only the unread items only.
  • Mark all read: Mark all items as read.
  • Filter: Filter items to view only a specific list. Items include:
    • @mentions: Mentions of you in the community by other members.
    • messages: Direst messages from other members in the community which are typically between only you and the other individual, but can include larger groups of members.
    • shares: Content shared with you in the community.
    • notifications: Alerts on new activity that you've created (such as a reply to a question), replies to content you've participated on (such as a new comment on a document you've also posted a comment), and updates to content that is important to you and you've selected to follow in your Inbox.
  • Search: Search for items related to a specific member by typing their name in the search box.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I stop following the activity of an item?

A: To stop following the activity of an item, select it in your Inbox and then click the link Hide new activity in the top right corner of the reading view that appears below the Inbox item list.


Q: Can I delete items in my Inbox?

A: No, you can't delete items. Items can only be marked as unread, not deleted.