Validated RAs

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Support for provisioning of Layer 2 MEF Services through CenturyLink / MEF Standard interface for the ALU NPE (Network Provider Edge)

GitHub: bp-ra-ctl-alunpe


Discover and monitor the resource status related to the AWS direct connect service and monitor network usage by updating the PM metrics

GitHub: bp-ra-aws

RA Information Sheet:

Blue Planet MCP

The MCP RA is a domain controller resource provider for Ciena WAN managed by Management Control and Planning (MCP).

GitHub: bp-ra-mcp

RA Information Sheet:

Blue Planet NFI

A generic device initialization RA that pushes opaque configuration to a VNF or a device without using a customized RA.

GitHub: bp-ra-nfi

RA Information Sheet:

Blue Planet Orchestration

Orchestration of multiple southbound BP Orchestrators and enables large-scale hierarchical deployments

GitHub: bp-ra-bp

RA Information Sheets:

Brocade D-NFVI

Manages resources in a Brocade OS domain, support VNF life cycle management.

GitHub: bp-ra-brocade

RA Information Sheet:

Calix CMS

Supports service activation on Calix DSLAM network devices via Calix CMS domain controller

GitHub: bp-ra-calixcms

RA Information Sheet:

Ciena 6500 eMOTR

Supports MEF E-Line services on 6500 eMOTR circuit packs, supports bandwidth modification on the MEF services.

GitHub: bp-ra-emotr

RA Information Sheets:

Ciena D-NFVI

Manage the VNF infrastructure in a distributed environment including the VNF life cycle management

GitHub: bp-ra-dnfvi

RA Information Sheets:

Ciena ISM

Discovery of L2 network devices and MPLS-TP service provisioning

GitHub: bp-ra-cienaism

Ciena OneControl

Resource discovery of L0/L1 networks, provision and manage L0/L1 services

GitHub: bp-ra-onecontrol

RA Information Sheets:

Ciena Planet Operate

Resource and service discovery of Accedian and Z-Series network, provision and manage of L2 MEF services

GitHub: bp-ra-operateng

RA Information Sheets:

Ciena SLA

Support Y.1731 Performance Monitoring of Layer 2 Services for RAD/Ciena/Adtran NIDs through CenturyLink defined XML interface.

GitHub: bp-ra-cienasla

Ciena/RAD/Adtran MEF

Support for provisioning of Layer 2 MEF Services through CenturyLink / MEF Standard interface for the RAD/Ciena/Adtran NID(Network Interface Devices) and NPE (Network Provider Edge)

GitHub: bp-ra-cienaxml

Cisco ASR

Manage resources of ASK9k family of routers, provision and manage of L3 VPN Services

GitHub: bp-ra-ciscong

RA Information Sheets:

Cisco MEF

Support for provisioning of Layer 2 MEF Services through CenturyLink / MEF Standard interface for the Cisco NPE (Network Provider Edge)

GitHub: bp-ra-ctl-cisconpe


Manage resources of Contrail domain, provides service chaining of VNFs through Contrail networking.

GitHub: bp-ra-opencontrail

RA Information Sheets:

Equinix Cloud Exchange

Manage resources in cloud exchange domain, provision and manage direct connect connections on the Cloud Exchange Portal and Amazon Web Server (AWS)

GitHub: bp-ra-equinix-cloudxchg

RA Information Sheets:


Manage resources in a Fortinet domain

GitHub: bp-ra-fortinet

RA Information Sheets:

Juniper Equipment

Manage resources and service creation on Juniper MX series routers

GitHub: bp-ra-juniper

RA Information Sheet:

Juniper vSRX (Firefly)

Discovery of network resources from Juniper virtual devices, Deploy and manage virtual firewalls.

GitHub: bp-ra-vsrx

RA Information Sheets:


Connect to a Meraki device and discover the topology resources.

GitHub: bp-ra-meraki

RA Information Sheet:

Nokia/ALU SAM Domain Support

Discover, provision and manage services across Nokia 7750/7450 NEs in network managed by 5620 Service Aware Manager (SAM)

GitHub: bp-ra-alusam

RA Information Sheets:

Nuage VSP

Discovery and configuration of data-center resources, create and manage service chains that transcends both physical and virtual domains.

GitHub: bp-ra-nuage

RA Information Sheets:


Discover the devices and topology of the network managed by ONOS controller, manage end-to-end edge port flows.

GitHub: bp-ra-onos

RA Information Sheet:


Discovery and manage of resources in a OpenStack managed domain. Supports VM management and VNF life cycle management.

GitHub: bp-ra-openstack

RA Information Sheets:


Discover and manage resources in a SD-WAN application using Versa Director and FlexVNF software, supports ZTP, Alarm management and KPI

GitHub: bp-ra-versa

RA Information Sheet:

VMware vCenter

Discover and manage resources in vCenter domain, supports VM life cycle management and networking configuration

GitHub: bp-ra-vcenter

RA Information Sheets:

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