New Optical Technologies - Explained by Ciena experts

Discussion created by hxenos Employee on Sep 19, 2016

If you are wondering about the implications of new programmable, flexible technologies being introduced to optical networks, you can join our upcoming "Back to School" mini-webinar series and gain insights directly from our R&D experts:

  • Economic benefits of flexible coherent modems, hosted by Michel Belanger, Director of Advanced Electro-Optic Development  (Sept 20)
  • Implications of flexible grid, hosted by David Bownass, Senior Manager, Photonics Development (Sept 22)
  • Flex Ethernet and Flex OTN, hosted by Sebastien Gareau, Architect, Optical Systems Design  (Sept 27)
  • Dave Miedema, Architect Photonic Software  (Sept 29)


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