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8.X (8700) Mgmt

Question asked by sl_engin on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by sl_engin

Here is the issue, I have an active interface configured on an 8700 which I am managing OOB via a CAT5 to DCN1. I have a 5160 connected but configured for remote management on VLAN 1164. I am unsuccessful in getting the 8700s active mgmt. to speak to the 5160 which is configured for in-band mgmt. I know in 6.X I had to use this command…[interface set mgmt-port-interface remote] if I wanted to tie the OOB mgmt. port to the in-band mgmt. domain. Is there a similar command on 8.X? Bottom line, how do we configure out of band mgmt. on the 8700 to talk to in-band-mgmt for the rest of the network?