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OTN GCC0 bytes configuration in Ciena 6500

Question asked by rauf.sulya on Dec 30, 2016
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I have below query with respect to OTN GCC0 bytes configuration. Service is created as OTU2 in Core network & metro network.
GCC0 – two bytes within OTUk overhead for management information with respect remote management of NE ( Here it is Metro Network Equipment management)
Would like to get access of metro network by GGC0 byte enabling in metro & GCC0 transperent mode in core network.

Scenario is as below :-

Metro Network Equipment <---------------> Multiple Core Network Equipments ( 3rd Party Provider network) <---------------------> Metro Network Equipment
Huawei DWDM/OTN <---------------> Multiples Ciena 6500 OTN/DWDM <--------------------> Huawei OTN/DWDM

Is there is anyway we can test GCC0 bytes configured transperent in in 3rd party network involved multiple OTN equipments ? Can we do using Analyser or any other method ?