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Traps and Alarm Log

Question asked by sl_engin on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2017 by sl_engin

I have been looking into the best practices and commands for checking the log in 6.X. Does anyone have any insight into the right command and config in order to be able to check a local log in 6.X?


For example, I'd like to see in a log the following:

  • Interface drops and restoration along with time stamps
  • VLAN flapping
  • Config change time stamps
  • Chassis alarms such as "hot light" or "low light" alarms


Using the "cli search keword log" command gave me a little, but not enough. Also, if this is a simple matter of digging into the 6.X OAM technical documents could you point me in the right direction of which document to read. I will do the work from there.


Thanks in advance.


PS: We are starting to deploy 8700s so if there is any application to 8.X that would be helpful as well.