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OM3500 EOL

Question asked by mgk042059 on Feb 26, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by hausmus

Looking for RCA from Ciena for some issues that have been reoccurring on an OM3500 network here on Guam. The local operations group has engaged Ciena  ETS several times recently because of (seemingly) related outages. Most recent case= C 170222-03 (still open). Pulling the case notes, it's hard to really pin-point what the issue is, looks like multiple issues possibly. We understand that we are running an unsupported release at this time. There are plans to get upgraded soon to 16.1 (EOL).

It has been made clear that an RCA will not be provided because we are running an unsupported release. The question I have is, is 16.1 a supported release? If we upgrade and issues continue will we receive an RCA for any future calls/cases?