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Traffic Profiling question

Question asked by rwett on Jun 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by chelsi

Currently we are using 3930s as end switches in a newish install.  We are tying to use them to control bandwidth, but are having some problems with traffic-profiling.


We have the current config on our switches:


traffic-profiling set port 9 mode standard-vlan classifier-mode wide
traffic-profiling standard-profile create port 9 profile 1 name 2G_FILTER cir 2097152 pir 2202009 cbs 262144 ebs 262144 untagged
traffic-profiling enable port 9
traffic-profiling enable


My question is, will this control traffic in both directions?  Further more, is this the proper calculation for 2G of traffic, and what should I have the traffic-shaper set to?