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10/100/1000 SFP support Z77 PSW-618 and Z33 PME-412

Question asked by royn on Aug 17, 2017
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We are implementing a Z77 (PSW-618) core switch and 3 Z33 (PME-412) edge switches.

We need support for 100Mb connections.

According to the documentation both the Z77 and the Z33 support copper UTP sfp's.

In order to support a 100Mb copper connection on the PSW-618 card auto negotiation must first be disabled.

Then you have to manually select the appropriate speed (100TXFD) and enable auto negotiation again.

However this doesn't work, I’m not getting a working link.

On my Cisco switch the port comes up and is even flashing green, on the Ciena switch the port stays down.

The sfp I’m using is a 10/100/1000 sfp.

I ‘ve tried all possible combination on the Cisco and Ciena switch, auto, fixed full and half.

None of these combinations seems to work.

When I connect the same port to a gigabit port (Cisco) the port will become active.

So I know my SFP is not defect, also tried with different 10/100/1000 sfp’s.

Cisco fastethernet port is also fine, when I use the same sfp in a other Cisco switch I’m getting a working connection.


Is there something extra I must do in order to get a working connection?

I can’t find anything else in the manuals.