The holidays are coming… remembering mind and body

Discussion created by onixon Employee on Dec 5, 2017
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I read somewhere that one in 20 people consider Christmas to be more stressful than being burgled! And that here in the UK, people drink before lunch on Christmas day not to celebrate, but to try deal with the stress.



I am not surprised. With so much going on, so many people to see and so many meals out, it’s easy to be swept up. And the stress isn’t always necessarily emotional, it can also be from indulging a bit too much, too many late nights, spending a bit too much.


Digestive disturbances, lack of sleep, and the added burden of finances on top of emotions can add up. So, I thought I would share a quick reading list of some thoughts / ideas / suggestions that I found useful.


Do you have any advice on mind and body care during the festive season?