Remote authentication access levels

Discussion created by bwarfield on Apr 17, 2018
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In the spirit of sharing knowledge for others to more easily find, I'd like to share a brief correspondence I had this morning with another user regarding access-levels when authenticating with a radius or tacacs server.


The question (paraphrased):  Users are able to log in using server credentials but receive diag level access.  How can I specify other access levels?  


This question is referring to the level of access and what commands a user is allowed to run.  The user's current level can be shown with the "user whoami" command



lab-5140> user whoami
username: testuser access-level: diag


This is controlled by the response from the authentication server with a level.  Through some experimentation and testing different values, these are what I've found to work:


1: limited

2-9: admin

10-14: super

15: diag


There are many different variations of servers out there and I can't provide details on how to configure them all.  But I will include what's working for me in using tacacs_plus on ubuntu 16.04.  This is the section of interest in the tac_plus.conf file:


group = admins {
login = file /etc/passwd
service = exec {
priv-lvl = 15


Hope this helps!