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6500 PKT-OTN/5170 G.8032 Ring

Question asked by sroodman on Aug 30, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2018 by kchakrav

I currently have a G.8032 ring of 5170 connected to a pair of 100G packet cards in a 6500.  There is also 10G packet cards connected to our core router.   I created a ringed management service that goes around the ring and has an end point on the 6500 facing our core router.  While I am able to see all mac-addresses from the core router and on the PKT-OTN, I am unable to ping any of them from core router.  To add to this, I broke the ring to see if it was an 8032 issue, and find I cannot ping management addresses on either side of the 6500 from the other side from the nodes.  So it looks like the 6500 is not passing traffic across the ring.