This Week I Learned: September 14th

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"The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness."

Lao Tzu


Saturday the 15th is National Online Learning Day. It is a day focused on recognizing the possibilities and advantages of online learning, while also celebrating the achievements of learners who have taken online courses. Online learning is an excellent way to increase learner productivity and satisfaction. Online learning boasts vast freedom and opportunity for mobile learners, and learners who have geographic challenges. Online Learning avails learners to the ability to explore continued education to evolve new skill sets or prepare for new roles.


Congratulations to all of you who have committed to your education!


On that note, Kelia Updike and Kendal Ingraham have penned a wonderful post celebrating online learning. Y'all should check it out. 


Also, Stacey Conliffe put up an interesting article detailing Ciena's Top 5 online courses. 


Once you get done with all that reading, be sure to tell us what you learned over the last week! We are all ears!

This week I learned __________.

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A big thank you Sumit for participating in last weeks post and to Kelia for posting last weeks TWIL post! Thank you!


Those of you on the East Coast, Stay Safe.