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EPL/EVPL Lab issue

Question asked by linuxmkd on Nov 2, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2018 by juri.pfeifer

I'm trying to make a lab for EVPL with 3 ciena 1 x 5142 and 1 x 3916


the 5142 and and on of the two 3916 are used for VS and VC. 


I got a link from port 1 on the 5142 and 3916 with with acceptable-frame set to tagged only and set the vlan 1531 on that port (vlan create vlan 1531, vlan add vlan 1531 port 1). 


I've create a VC and a VS on both

virtual-circuit ethernet create vc test vlan 1531

virtual-switch ethernet create vs test vc test

virtual-switch ethernet add vs test port 2 vlan 4006


If I plug a router on port 2 of each ciena with their interface on tagged vlan 4006 I can't ping each other ?


What am I doing wrong ?